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Sell Foreign Currency

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Want to sell your Currency?

If you’re worried about all that extra hassle, don’t be! It really couldn’t be a simpler process to exchange your money back with Melbourne Forex, leaving you with more time to ease back into the swing of everyday life.

At Melbourne Forex we guarantee that you will get the best exchange rates when you sell your foreign currency not matter the amount. Melbourne Forex is here to help you get the most out of your foreign currency with no fees or commissions.

Why choose Melbourne Forex to sell foreign currency?

  • No fees or commissions charged when you sell your foreign currency
  • Best exchange rates in Melbourne
  • Better exchange rates than the banks, airports and other exchanges
  • Sell all your leftover foreign currencies at the one place
  • Get paid on the spot or directly to your bank account
  • Sell more save more
  • No Limits
  • Fast, safe and secure

Convert Now

How to Sell your Foreign Currency at Melbourne Forex?

We will buy back your currency and pay you the currency that you want. All you have to do is:


  1. Decide how much currency you want to sell back to Melbourne Forex
  2. Visit one of our branches or call us on 0391333254
  3. Bring the following information
      1. Bring a valid ID such Driver’s license or Passport
      2. Bring your foreign currency
  1. Melbourne Forex staff will collect relevant information and will confirm the exchange rates
  2. Receive your currency in cash or get paid directly to your bank account

Sell your currency in store

Our Top Currencies

AUD Australian Dollar
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham
BRL Brazilian Real
BHD Bahrain Dinar
BND Brunei Dollar
CAD Canada Dollar
CHF Swiss Francs
CNY Chinese Yuan
CZK Czech Koruna
DKK Danish Krone
EUR Euro
FJD Fijian Dollar
GBP Great British Pound
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HRK Croatian Kuna
HUF Hungarian Forint
IDR Indonesian Rupiah
INR Indian Rupee
JOD Jordanian Dinar
JPY Japanese Yen
KRW Korean Won
MYR Malaysian Ringgit
MXN Mexican Peso
NOK Norwegian Krone
NZD New Zealand Dollar
PHP Philippines Peso
PKR Pakistani Rupee
SAR Saudi Arabia Riyal
SEK Swedish Krone
SGD Singapore Dollar
THB Thai Baht
TRY Turkish Lira
TWD Taiwan Dollar
USD United States Dollar
VND Vietnamese Dong
ZAR South African Rand

Sell your Curency

Do you purchase all currencies?

We purchase more than 50 currencies.

Can i check the rates online?

Yes. Simply click on Exchange Rates for latest the rates.

Do you charge any fees or commissions?

No. We don’t charge any fees or commissions.

Do you offer a better deal if i change a large amount?

Yes. The more you exchange the better exchange rate you will get.

Do you purchase old or discontinued currency?

No, unfortunately, we aren’t able to purchase any currency that’s no longer in circulation.

Do you exchange coins?

No, unfortunately, we aren’t able to purchase any coins.

Best option is to either spend all the coins or convert them to notes before travelling back to Australia.